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Colleen Ballinger Addresses Accusations: Defending Herself Through Song

YouTube star Colleen Ballinger has released a video in which she addresses accusations of toxic relationships with fans. The US creator gained fame through her character Miranda Sings, which she introduced in 2008. Rolling Stone recently reported that several fans claimed they had experienced bullying, intimidation, and embarrassment from Ballinger and her team.

In her response video, Ballinger defends herself through a song played on the ukulele. She acknowledges that some of the accusations made against her are not true but admits to having messaged fans in the past, although not in a creepy manner. She sings about her initial lack of understanding regarding boundaries and oversharing personal details. She emphasizes that she has changed her behavior, taken accountability, and ceased engaging in such interactions with fans.

With 8.6 million YouTube subscribers, nearly two billion views on the platform, and 8.1 million Instagram followers, Ballinger has a substantial following. In her song, she refers to those who have voiced their grievances as being part of a “toxic gossip train” spreading misinformation. She expresses that their goal is to ruin her life, even if the allegations are untrue.

Ballinger denies being a groomer or predator, asserting that she has only groomed her two Persian cats. She acknowledges making mistakes but believes they do not define her as a horrible person. Despite her musical response, her followers on social media were not appeased. Many criticized and ridiculed the video, considering it flippant and insincere.

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